Our Story

SITU / Our Story

‘in - situ’  an object in it’s natural place.

The home is an expression of our inner world, reflecting our values, ideals and confirming our own personal rituals and way of living. These unique rituals evoke feelings of comfort in their consistency.

SITU Studio is committed to creating intentional homeware products where each item is designed to express the exploration of form, functional value, aesthetic impact and a desire to encourage a 'made to last' culture. Based in Queenstown, New Zealand, the raw beauty of our environment influences the careful curation of the products we want to share and be used in everyday life. We believe in supporting and working collaboratively with creatives, both locally and internationally.


FOUNDER / Rosa Milne


Rosa’s objective is to develop a brand that allows space for imagination. Combining her vision to share something gently surprising and honest, with a focus on quality in a limited release format. SITU Studio explores slow, ethical, meaningful design and sustainable manufacturing.

“My career in visual merchandising, product design and the creative director of an interior design practice have taught me a large amount about being human, to embrace imperfection and difference. I strongly believe well considered design improves our lives while helping us to feel grounded. SITU aims to encompass my beliefs.”

Taking care of ourselves, our homes and our surroundings is not an indulgence but an act of self-care. It is neither materialistic nor trivial. Surrounding ourselves with beautiful conscious design helps create a sense of tranquility, a down to earth counterbalance to our fast paced, technology centred world.