A Purposeful Christmas Edit

A Purposeful Christmas Edit

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In the early days of modern consumerism Christmas was given a rebrand: tis the season for giving!

Fast forward to now and it seems the task of meeting this expectation has become so ubiquitous we have almost lost sight of what it really means to give, and give with purposeful intent.

The ancient philosopher Epictetus said: first learn the meaning of what you say, and then speak. Thinking on this a while and then transposing his clear instruction into the way SITU Studio approaches the silly season, we’ve managed to devise a new version….

To first know the meaning of the gift, then to give.

SITU’s values fit within the boundaries of considered luxury, quality over quantity and artfully designed environments being an integral offshoot of self care and personal wellbeing.

To us, ‘an object in its natural place’ is not a rigid notion set to constrict our comfort or flexibility, but to actually look at nature as a guide for how to design, give, and enjoy the earths resources.

It’s about approaching our own space and interactions, with thoughtfulness.

Christmas gifting can be a tricky exercise when we are only giving to oblige the standard set about a consumption culture of more, more, more. That’s why SITU have narrowed it down to only the good parts by doing the background work for you, so you can get on with the important aspects of the holiday season like being with loved ones, getting to know their curious minds and individual stories even more. Matching gifts up with another persons values is a beautiful way of showing them you notice and respect their way of living, while mutually knowing your giving and receiving has rightfully considered all those involved along the way.

We love the idea of personalised giving. Committing to seek out one special item that demonstrates how much you see and know the person you are giving to. While this is not possible for all, it certainly does make the receiving load feel like double, with the complimentary present of being acknowledged on a deeper level.

Let SITU assist you in your hunt through the junk to the more natural places, delivering gifts that share the values of longevity, purpose, and thoughtful design, fit to delight even the trickiest of customers!

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