Prescribed Spring Dreaming

Prescribed Spring Dreaming

'to be taken morning and evening'

A typical winter brings with it a beckoning inward and come winter 2020, we already seemed to be unexpectedly habitualised in a routine of retreat and shelter, both personally and contextually. It has certainly been a year of perturbed rhythm, with all the things we held as touchstones for sanity being stripped bare and rewired. Drawing parallels between our namesake, 'IN SITU' (an object in it's natural place) and ourselves, we have become more cognisant of our values, our community and our place in the world.

The end of the chilly season inches us towards hope and new beginnings. A collective energy is beginning to gather as we celebrate our resilience and seek joy in our everyday lives, while sketching out loose plans for the warmer days ahead.

SITU Studio is delighted to share our recent thoughtfully curated products with you. We recommend you immerse yourself morning and evening, to ensure that you keep to the beat of spring by embracing all that is new.


Rosa Milne